Shyam Bali 
Born : 26th March
Member of MRA Managaing Committee for several years has also held office bearer posts for consecutive terms. A medalist at State & National level competitions. Shiv Chattrapati awardee for 1997-98. Regularly coaching batches for the MCGM Security Services. 
Shyam Bali is a real estate developer by profession but passionately involved in many extra curricular activities.  
An avid wild life observer and photographer, trekker, camper & backpaker Life Member of Bombay Natural History Society,  
Nature Lovers Club Friends of the Forests. Patron Member of The Tadoba Andhari Conservation Society  
He is also a certified Nutritinist from The UCLA/Berkeley.Since 2010 counseling diabetic and obese patients in weight loss, better metabolic & dietary practice.